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Shanowen Square Residence
A Student Community


  • How do I apply?
    You must apply online on the 6th of March, simply fill in your details on the Booking Form, you will then be directed to Paypal where you can securely pay your deposit to finalise your application (Surcharge applies). If you are successful we will then issue you with a contract by the end of July  which you must sign and return along with 2 passport sized photographs. The  rent should be paid via bank transfer to the bank account details found in the applications section of this website. Your booking will only be secured once we have the Application form and the security deposit of €350.  Management reserve the right to refuse admission.
  • I don’t have my CAO/ Student Number yet. Can I apply without this?
    Yes you can apply without these details but you must forward this information to us when you have it.
  • Do I have to share a bathroom and bedroom with other people?
    All bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom and all bedrooms are single.
  • Do I have to share a kitchen with other people?
    You will share the kitchen and living room with your flatmates.
  • Can I live with my friends?
    Yes, if you have any additional requests you must fill these out on your Application form and we will endeavor to meet these needs, however, this is not always possible.
  • Is there much storage in the bedrooms?
    Yes, there is a large wardrobe and two large drawers under the bed with some storage above and below your study desk.
  • What about internet connection?
    You will be provided with a wired connection up to 5Mbps.  Ethernet Cables for the wired connection are available in the office at a cost of €3. 
  • If I apply and cancel my booking at a later date will I get my money back?
    If you are offered a room a full refund will be given once you inform the office that you wish to cancel your booking in writing before the 11th Aug 2017.  Any cancellations after that time will not be issued with a refund. ****FIRST YEARS have until the 23th of August 2017 to cancel. Cancellations made before this date will be issued with a refund minus administration charge.  Any cancellations after this day will forfeit the deposit.**** Students who are repeating exams should email the office directly for further information on this. 
  • How do I wash my clothes in Shanowen?
    There is an onsite laundry room with washers and dryers. A wash is €3 and the dryer costs €3 also.
  • What can I expect to find in the apartments?
    You will find an inventory sheet in the Applications section of this website which lists all of the contents in the apartments.
  • Are the rooms insured?
    Contents and personal belongings are not insured in the complex. We recommend that residents look into this themselves or insure belongings under their home insurance.
  • Will I be living in an apartment with mixed gender?
    Yes, you may. If you have any specific requirements in relation to this you must make it very clear when you are applying and on your application form.
  • Are TV sets supplied?
    TVs are not supplied but you will have access to  15 channels on site. Please note that it is the responsibility of the TV set owner to provide a TV license for each TV set.

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